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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Beware wLinkster is here : Zuck it!

Greeting Users,
So we are back again with some more news.
At an ongoing survey on the internet, FetchThat Team looked of an old post from Mark Zuckerberg.
Yeah! The founder of Facebook.
At the glance on one of the posts of Mark, We found something related to privacy and get an eye on the wLinkster and it's developers.

They claimed something like :

So and we being to inspect. 
After looking of the website today we have scanned it off with some special tools and we finally came to an conclusion. Have a look at what all we found :
1) Website is hosted on Hostgator Servers (in India) [That doesn't mean that HostGator doesn't have good hosting it depends upon how website is created) which makes the website load very slow.
2) The design of the website is the copy of Facebook with approximately 92% of it's code using a pre-build script and 10% included exceptions.
3) The code includes off with was used from copied javascript from public sources.
4) The chat system and functions for downloads used in the website is powered by Envolve.
5) The feature of chat also includes an inbuilt ad system to provide reference to free website creations.
6) The website uses Skysa App Bar to provide quick links and other information to attract the users.
7) They tried to put up their Official Wikipedia Article which used named as Inc. which was quickly removed too.

Important Issues :
1) The website owners except Sagar Rana (Profile ID 1) doesn't have their own profiles on the website.
2) Most of the user accounts on the website are fake or spam.
3) They don't have security related to registration as well as user data and information. We can easily view any users details (Email ID, No., Country, IP) from the user profile link.
4) Since wLinkster is getting off to Alexa they are reaching high but most active users per day found was less than 16 (They claim that off to 7000+)

Important Links :
3) wLinkster at Facebook -
4) Developers Link :

We still wish them best of luck for future to work with it more.

With Regards,
FetchThat Inc.

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